808s & Heartbreak Producer Drum Kit – CD Rom – MAC/WIN Drum Samples & Remixing – WAVE Pack for FL Studio Music Producers – Kid Cudi, Kanye West Drums for Emo Rap Beats + Song File | Plugin Settings

Price: $14.99
(as of Nov 03,2020 09:29:50 UTC – Details)

Finally! Every FL Studio producer can produce beats that sound like Kanye West, get more sales,
and avoid spending years as an intern or paying $1000s for studio sessions,
even if you only have stock FL Studio sounds. Guaranteed!

The #1 Thing STOPPING YOU From Professional Sounding Beats Like Kanye West and Travis Scott

You’re wasting time watching random producers on Youtube. Auto mechanics learn on broken vehicles.
Surgeons dissect the human body before they can perform surgery.
Why can’t music producers dissect hit songs and put them back together? NOW YOU CAN!

The TRUTH About Producer Drum Kits with 100s of Sounds

Let’s face it, you pay for for 100 sounds and only use 2 or 3 consistently. WHY??
Open the Paranoid FLP file and you’ll see it load only your stock FL Studio drums and instruments.
Stop using overused sound kits and take your beats to the next level, even if you think your beats suck.

BONUS!! Included is another FL Studio file you can dissect to learn how to make your own drum kit sounds.

This software is inspired by Kanye West’s groundbreaking 808s and Heartbreaks album.
It encapsulates research compiled from studio recordings in Hawaii, archived interviews, forums, and behind
the scenes video footage with musicians involved such as Timbaland and Kid Cudi. Instead of watching
3+ hour YouTube tutorials, dive in and dissect a real deal project file for Paranoid ft. Mr. Hudson.

_All Stock_ This file contains the full song composed using only the stock sounds. (Shows you how to create with only default FL Studio sounds and instruments.
_Paranoid_ This file contains the full inspired song composed using the 808s and Heartbreaks sound kit.
.WAV 24bit and 32bit beat
+ 8 Drum Sounds CRUCIAL to 808s and Heartbreak.

FL STUDIO producers looking for sounds that inspired artists such as Drak