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Game Day Beats sells non-exclusive royalty-free beats for all gaming production, musical compositions, professional recording and more for a limited time price of $1.99 per beat.

GAMEDAYBEATS.COM productions are a great fit for radio and television advertising, video and film sound design, gaming, and studio recording. GAMEDAYBEATS.COM was created in 2020 by Vytamin "D", for a means to give to the world musically in the most positive way.





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Purchase Lease Agreement


By purchasing a beat from , you accept our terms and conditions, and this “Lease Agreement” shall serve as a contract between (hereafter “licensor”) and you (hereafter “You/licensee”) which may be legally enforced against both parties. The terms of this Agreement are as follows:


  • In this "Lease Agreement,” you will receive an  encoded MP3 file of the untagged song. The song file will be delivered  digitally.


  • Leasing rights allows you to use the beat (or song) for ONE recording or broadcast. This recording can then be distributed at your expense for up to 11,000 copies. Selling more than 11,000 copies means you must acquire a new lease, non-exclusive or exclusive rights.


  • You may also use the beat and or beats for non-profit promotional use or demos.  You have full rights to record or add  to the beat/song in any shape, way, or  form (except reselling the beat or altering the original beat).


  • Upon purchase you will be granted non-exclusive rights to the beat. In the event that someone buys exclusive rights to the beat you have leased, your rights  shall stand and the beat is still yours to use.


  • The seller (will not receive a royalty from the sale of records or downloads. You must however give full credit to the seller (artist and/or producer name) on all commercial recordings.


  • Upon purchasing leasing rights, the seller still owns the beat(s) and the seller is able to resell the beat(s) to any other party until exclusive rights have been purchased.