Audax, Vish, & Truppel Release Rumbling New Single, “Keep House Alive” [Tiger Records]

After this first semester of 2020 full of great releases, the Brazilian electronic music trio Audax has started the second half of the year on fire, especially with their new release, “Keep House Alive”, out now on Tiger Records.

The song is a collaboration of the three brothers, Pedro, André and João, along with Vish and Truppel, who bring intense vocals, inspired by the nostalgia of House Music classics, to create something memorable. The music aims to show the greatness of this genre, but also wants to praise that a  musical legacy is built in a concrete way and with a timeless sound. For the trio, House Music has reached its iconic level because the sound has been immortalized with songs that have become true hymns.

Here’s what they had to say about it:

“This legacy and its tones have been recovered more frequently nowadays in several productions. We wanted to give our input to this musical movement and the intention of the track’s lyrics is to reiterate this tribute to the genre as a true mantra.” – André

“’Keep House Alive’ had a slightly different process than what Audax is used to: The initial idea started with Vish, and Truppel brought a very cool instrumental part. We had the mission to compose the vocal and it was a different feeling to do it on top of an initial idea that didn’t start with us. It is always great to change a routine process to differentiate the sound, testing different creative structures.” – Pedro

Stream “Keep House Alive” below!

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