Camo & Krooked Team Up With Mefjus for Haunting Single “No Tomorrow” –

Austrian drum & bass power duo Camo & Krooked wowed audiences in 2020 with their incredible Red Bull Symphonic performance alongside conductor and composer Christian Kolonovits and the Max Steiner Orchestra. Now, the two producers have their sights set on the future with a new EP release. 

“No Tomorrow,” a collaboration with Austrian compatriot Mefjus and vocalist Sophie Lindinger, is the first single and the title track of said EP, which is scheduled to be released in January 2021. The trio’s effort is a stunning and intricate work of drum & bass, as expected. Lindinger’s haunting vocal work lines the track perfectly as the snappy percussive elements punch through, and a dark organ-esque synth drones on to carry the melody.

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