Chromonicci takes listeners into the future on ‘Metropolis2104’

Dallas native, Christian Crenshaw, aka producer & vocalist chromonicci takes listeners on a trip through space into the future on his latest EP Metropolis2104 released by Quality Goods Records. Building a fluid and unique sound the production maestro has already garnered support from the likes of Sam Gellaitry, Mr. Carmack, Louis Futon, and Medasin among many others.

‘Matrix’ is our first venture into Metropolis2104. The lead tracks sets the stage into a new world. Bright and synthetic synths take center stage of the record showcasing the beauty of the Matrix. As the outro commences and the song begins to fade it makes way for ‘Escape.’ Fierce percussion and glistening synths are littered throughout Escape keep listeners entranced on a bouncy journey through sound. ‘Protocol94’ brings things full speed, guitar riffs and dark undertones paint a beautiful soundscape on Protocol94 the debut record from the EP. The title track ‘Metropolis2104’ delivers a finale of sound to listeners. An anthem wrapping up a beautifully designed project. Funky guitar riffs and intriguing vocal melodies are layered atop the record creating a perfect way to end a blissful journey listening Metropolis2104.

Check out what chromonicci had to say about creating the project: “My goal for this project was to combine sci-fi/adventure storytelling with imagery inspiring sounds. With Metropolis2104, I am able to place the listener in my metropolitan mega-city based in the year 2104. These 4 tracks detail a story of high-level government corruption and scientific testing, where a protagonist begins their quest to expose the truth of the government’s unethical practices.”

Stream Metropolis2104 here or below. Stay tuned as chromonicci continues on his rise through music and beyond!

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