Derrick May Issues Official Statement In Response To Sexual Abuse Accusations

Earlier this week, Michael James, a Detroit native now living in New York, made a post alleging decades of sexual abuse against women by Detroit techno pioneer Derrick May. After his post, other women came forward with their own accounts of abuse by May’s hands, though at the time, his lawyer stated: “The accusations by Mr. James are patently false. Derrick May is in the process of taking the appropriate legal measures against Mr. James.”

Yesterday, May’s lawyers released an official statement via his social media, denying any and all accusations.

“These statements are patently false, libelous, and calculated to ruin Derrick May’s professional career,” the statement reads. “Derrick May does not and has not ever used drugs, nor would he ever have unwanted sexual relations with anyone. Furthermore, Derrick May has never been arrested, or even contacted by any investigative agency regarding allegations of any crime, ever.”

The accusations didn’t state that May used drugs, but rather used them on others, so this bit seems like an attempt at some fancy legalese.

Like others in the comments on James’ original post, the statement also mentions a “spat over royalties” connected to May’s breakout song “Strings of Life.”

“Rather than discuss the matter like an adult, Mr. James has resorted to character assassination,” the statement reads.


OFFICIAL STATEMENT It has come to our attention that a former Detroiter named Michael James has been making deeply…

Posted by Derrick May on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

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