Dillon Francis Takes Kito & ZHU’s “Follow” ft. Jeremih to Trippy Places [REMIX]

Dillon Francis takes on Kito and ZHU’s ultimate summer club record, “Follow” with Jeremih for a brand new remix sure to burn up the dancefloor.

Every time we hear from Dillon Francis, it’s something different — and his take on “Follow” is no exception. The producer accentuates the track in all the right ways, but takes a deeper, more mysterious route. He embraces the original track’s piano hits and percussion, mixing in his own distinct groove with trippy tendencies.

Speaking of which, the single is paired with a visualizer featuring dancing eyeballs and floating doors, which only underscores the trippiness that Francis brings to the track via wild synths and vocal effects.

Watch right here!

Kito, ZHU & Jeremih – Follow (Dillon Francis Remix)


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