Diplo Trolls The Internet with McDonald’s Mad Decent Breakfast Meal

Diplo is trolling fans with his McDonald’s Mad Decent Breakfast Meal “coming soon.”

The meal, frighteningly enough, “is an excellent source of protein and oh so delicious” — words ripped straight from the official McDonald’s website and twisted to fit Diplo’s latest fast food venture. Though this picture appeared on social media days before Diplo shared it, he’s clearly comfortable feeding into the joke.

Meals from Travis Scott and J Balvin have proven to be ridiculously successful and controversial, but here’s how Diplo’s sandwich is different… It’s a crossover between a classic Egg McMuffin and a Filet-O-Fish with an added sausage patty, extra sauce and extra cheese for good measure.

Miraculously, this adds up to under 1,000 calories — but, thankfully, the monstrosity below is just a troll. Let’s just hope McDonald’s doesn’t get any bright ideas.

Diplo clearly has an affinity for fast food, despite his plant-based diet. Popeyes even set him a private jet of sold out chicken sandwiches during Burning Man 2019 (see here).

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