Ekali Responds To Ex-Fiancée, Sam Black, Over Accusations of Abuse

Late last night, DJ Sam Black shared a note detailing abuse from her ex-fiancé Ekali. She claimed he had been detained by police, abused her, and abused drugs over the course of their relationship. Following her statement, Ekali has responded with one of his own.

“It’s imperative that I come forward and address the false and slanderous accusations made against me,” he says, “especially those which label me as an abuser, a lie which goes against everything I stand for.”

He goes on to say that he can “confirm there was infidelity on both sides and that this person contributed to a magnitude of toxicity within the relationship which ignited many past demons of mine.”

Sam was quick to respond to Ekali again, saying, “The police documentation is coming. Stop lying it’s making it so much worse. Be a man, apologize to me and your fans, and for once in your life tell the truth.”

Others who have responded to Ekali call him out for gaslighting and not apologizing anywhere in his statement, shifting the blame on Sam instead of responding to her accusations.

It’s not clear exactly when the police documentation Black is referencing will surface, but it’s sure that we haven’t seen the end of this story yet.


Photo Credit: Bryan Van Wyk

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