ford.’s Latest Single, “In My Eyes,” Is A Promising Preview of Sophomore Album –

At only 20 years old, rising indie electronic producer ford. has been fast at work making a name for himself after the 2018 release of his debut album, (The) Evening, through ODESZA‘s coveted Foreign Family Collective imprint. His work has drawn comparisons to the likes of Golden Features, Chet Porter and Kasbo, joining the ranks of the post-ODESZA producers known for their uniquely dreamy, percussion-driven rhythm structures. 

Just this year, ford. has managed to pen a Grammy-nominated remix of Mild Minds‘ “SWIM,” put out a collaborative EP with label-mates Sonn and Hanz, and even write another album. Though The Color of Nothing is not due until October 16th, today brings the release of its fourth—and final—single, “In My Eyes” featuring Verzache.

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