Forest Swords Remixes Neneh Cherry to Benefit the Black Trans Project: Listen

Washing over me pulling me I wait for the click in my head longing for things to make sense… a time will come… when? Everything on hold, I waited, don’t know for what… should I pull or push? Locked in, locked out, locked down, knocked down…. A police man sat on a man’s neck until he died, who does that? All of everything started to rise. We have to rise… imagine the horizon (see the horizon).

“Slow Release” is just a song that won’t change anything but maybe it’s about all these things. It’s been a funny little tune I’d forgotten, I’ve never been able to do it justice live. In these times I remembered the beautiful remake whattodo made of it. Their reinterpretation resonates.

“Kong”: a nod to human resilience. Forest Swords breathing fresh air into the track, always so on point and thought provoking. Always interesting visually and sonically. BiGUP!

Finally these collaborations can be heard! Here it is a humble donation from us.

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