Gammer Releases New “It’s Okay” EP For World Mental Health Day

It’s okay… that’s the message that Gammer wants to put out into the world on his new EP, released today for World Mental Health Day.

Typically known for his harder bass in dubstep, hardcore, and the like, Gammer dives into a deeper emotional sonic field with It’s Okay. In what he calls a “very personal” EP, he blends Porter-style arrangements like in “Melancholy” with pure joy-filled sounds in the aptly titled “Joy.”

As Marshmello and Demi Lovato released “It’s OK Not To Be OK” last month for World Suicide Prevention Day, artists are becoming more open about their own mental health and striving to let their fans know, as well, that everyone deals with something. And it’s okay.

Check out the new EP from Gammer below!


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