Highlnd & Drowsy Team Up For Dreamy New Single, “Disposable”

I hadn’t heard of either Highlnd or Drowsy before I was pitched their new song, “Disposable,” but now I’m going through each’s past tracks and wondering how I’ve been missing out for so long. On the new collaboration, the two pair up for an instantly dreamy and beautiful orchestral tune that blends elements of singer/songwriter whimsy with EDM emotion.

Perhaps a stretch, but the song makes me feel the highs of instrumental compositions from Clint Mansell and the lows of melancholy songwriters like Melanie Martinez or Ellie Goulding. There aren’t many elements of electronic music, but the ones that are there thoroughly augment the overall song and take it to a wonderful new level.

Call it a ballad, a sad song, a story… whatever you call it, call it enchanting. The song itself is not “Disposable” at all, and you should listen to it now below.

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