Home Recording For Beginners – The Essentials: By Paschalis I.

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This book will show you how to create professional sounding recordings using only your computer and VST plugins. 18 Lessons are included with links connecting to even more lessons (37+ in total – and more being added each week, without having to pay anything extra for access). The ideas and info you’ll read works for every single DAW out there and for every single processor or effect. It does not matter if you’re using cubase, pro tools, reaper, ableton live, studio one, logic pro or FL studio. These concepts work for every single recording software out there. I’m going to show you the concept and you’ll be able to use it everywhere, the 1 and only difference of the DAWs will be the shortcuts used. This book is for everyone and every single recording program out there.

— Lessons included —

1.Analog To Digital Converter Tutorial – ADDA Converter – The Reason Its So Important
2.Audio Compressor and Limiting Tutorial – What Is Compression In Music Production
3.Audio Engineering Schools – Are they worth it
4. Audio Headroom – How To Create More In Your Mix
5.Audio Latency – How To Optimize Your Audio Interface By Tweaking Your Buffer Size
6.Condenser VS Dynamic Microphones – Differences
7.Frequency Chart – The Most Important Audio Frequency Ranges
8.Gain Staging – How To Do It The Proper Way
9.Home Recording Studio Setup For Beginners – The Best 7 Value For Money Gear
10.How To Master A Song At Home – Mastering Is Hyped Controversial
11.How To Promote Your Music on YouTube Effectively
12.How To Record On Cubase – The A to Z Guide
13.Midi Tutorial – For What Midi is Used For
14.Mixing Vocals – How To EQ Vocals Compress Them And Use Effects
15.Monitors for Mixing and Mastering – Which should I choose
16.Reverb Tutorial – What Is Reverb In Music, What It Does, When We Need It And Its Controls
17.VST Instruments VSTs and DAW Explanations
18.What An Audio Interface Is Used For – Definition

This is the one and only home recording book you’ll ever need in your life. Enjoy!