Iron Age Guitarist Wade Allison Has Died

Iron Age guitarist Wade Allison has died. The label 20 Buck Spin confirmed the news. “Condolences to all his friends and family,” the label wrote. “Iron Age’s impact is huge and will reverberate in hardcore and metal for a long time to come.”

The band formed in Austin, TX, in 2005, and with their debut album Constant Struggle toed the line between hardcore and thrash. Iron Age released their final album, The Sleeping Eye, in 2009.

Last year, the label 20 Buck Spin reissued The Sleeping Eye to mark its tenth anniversary. Speaking about the record to Bandcamp, Allison said that the band drew from a broad range of metal influences, including Black Sabbath, Bathory, Venom, and Celtic Frost to develop their sound. “We wanted to make bigger, heavier, more substantial music with a stronger sense of its own atmosphere,” he said.

Iron Age were also significant influence on the band Power Trip, whose frontperson Riley Gale directly cited The Sleeping Eye as a formative record in a 2017 interview with the Guardian. In addition to Iron Age, Allison also played in the bands Mammoth Grinder and Eternal Champion.

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