Lawyer of Derrick May Issues Official Response to Sexual Assault Allegations –

Following accusations of sexual assault, famed DJ and electronic music producer Derrick May has issued a public statement in response to the allegations. The claims were made in a September 8th, 2020 Facebook post by Michael James, a former Detroit-based colleague.

After James’ post began to circulate via social media, May’s legal team went on to deny the allegations and assert their plans to pursue legal action. Kyle J. Dupuy, owner and Lead Council of the Detroit-based law office Dupuy Law Firm, PLC, has now shared an official statement on May’s Facebook page. “It has come to our attention that a former Detroiter named Michael James has been making deeply troubling allegations regarding Derrick May on social media, wherein Mr. James alleges that Derrick May has drugged and/or raped several women,” the statement reads.

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