Marshmello Teases New Future Riddim ID From Papa Khan, “Rain” [WATCH]

Marshmello shows his full support of the future riddim subgenre in this new video from a recent live set, featuring Papa Khan‘s unreleased track “Rain,” due out October 9th.

The footage just popped up on r/dubstep and opened a discussion on colour bass and future riddim. The genre focuses on bright basses and melodic drops, and this is an expert demonstration we hear from Papa Khan, one of the artists paving the way.

With Marshmello being one of the biggest DJ/producer/tastemakers on the planet, early support of this track is huge. Perhaps there’s an official remix from Marshmello or a future riddim collab in the works? For now, hear the ID below.

If you’re craving more future riddim — check out Halcyon, the new label spearheaded by Oolacile. In addition to Oolacile himself, the label’s compilation also features SVDDEN DEATH, Voltra, Leotrix, Akeos & l7, phonon, Cripplingg, and BVSSIC.

Marshmello Drops Papa Khan’s “Rain”

Marshmello teases Papa Khan – “Rain” (out 10/9) from dubstep


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