NGHTMRE Reveals New Collaboration With Galantis Out This Friday

NGHTMRE & Galantis. NGHTMRE & Galantis? Apparently, yes.

One of the top bass/trap artists and a duo that specialize in their own quirky brand of EDM pop are collaborating for the first time, and we have no idea what this will sound like.

Plenty of artists of separate genres have worked together in the past, so that in and of itself isn’t particularly newsworthy. But these two, in particular, present a very unique opportunity for some interesting possibilities. Will it be bass with a poppy topline? Poppy most of the way with a trappy second drop? Or a combination of the two or something else entirely?

We’ll find out soon enough. Pre-save “Tu Tu Tu” featuring Liam O’Donnell here.


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