Porter Robinson’s Secret Sky of Connectivity to Japanese Culture –

It’s been six magical years since Porter Robinson’s Worlds album debuted in August of 2014. Ever since, Robinson’s unique sound, which is inspired by electro house and synth-pop, has captivated millions of fans from around the world—especially from the country of Japan.

In May 2020, Robinson’s virtual “Secret Sky” music festival aired to four million fans worldwide, all spewing with excitement for his debut virtual set. Robinson himself is a huge anime fan and has always been in love with Japanese culture, consistently integrating some sort of related symbol into his songs, visuals, album covers, and live performances. His love for Japanese culture stemmed from Nintendo and Pokémon, but he also grew up watching anime and listening to Japanese music. His respect and admiration of the culture directly reflect his own artisanship, leading him to compose pieces that bolster his fanbase tremendously in Japan.

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