[PREMIERE] SpeedStr Gives Henry Fong & Knock2’s “What’s The Move” An Epic Remix Treatment

Henry Fong & Knock2 dropped “What’s The Move” with General Degree on Dim Mak around two months ago, a flurry of bass house and slight ragga vibes — all energy, no fluff. Now, SpeedStr is making his debut on the label with an epic remix of the track that is even faster and more intense.

Staying true to his name, SpeedStr ups the tempo in the first drop, still giving it that base house foundation but injecting another level of energy to the mix. It’s a bit closer to hard house than bass house at this point, but that delineation is so vague it’s better to not think of what to call it and just enjoy it for what it is. But, on the second drop, he switches it up and goes halftime trap with some seriously heavy bass, the kind that makes you shudder at a club and go, “Mmmm, yeah that’s the stuff.”

Check it out below!

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