Pretty Lights Scrubs His Instagram, Could New Music Finally Be On The Way?

Pretty Lights has been an enigma for the past couple years. Apart from his most ardent fans, his activities outside the world of dance music have been largely unknown and the lack of music from him has been weighing heavily on many souls, especially this year when some people want it most.

Four months ago, he made his first Instagram post in two years, standing in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and donating $10,000 to a community of bail funds, mutual aid funds, and racial justice organizers. Then he went quiet again.

Now, if you look at his Instagram, all the posts are wiped. A post on Reddit notes the change two days ago, but another user thinks it might have happened months ago after the BLM post. So it’s unclear exactly when the change took place, but it did.

What does this mean?

It could mean that Pretty Lights has new music, or news, or something entirely different on the way. Or it might mean nothing. Artists often wipe their socials before an announce of some major kind, as a way to introduce fresh branding or put greater emphasis on the news. With Pretty Lights, who’s been largely inactive since he put out “Rainbows & Waterfalls” in 2017, the meaning behind the decision is shrouded in even greater mystery.

The only thing we can say is stay tuned and follow his socials in case anything does happen.


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