Remix Hotel: New Festival Claims To Be World’s First “COVID-Safe” Event

A new music festival claims to be the world’s first “COVID-safe” event of its nature. Apparently “COVID-safe” is semantically different than “COVID-proof,” but we digress.

Remix Hotel is scheduled to launch in Brisbane at Ovolo The Valley Hotel this October, featuring a full spread of live entertainment that fans can enjoy from the comfort of their own private luxury rooms. Each room may be booked by two people and they may host up to six total people per room.

Headlined by Groove Armada, the lineup will also feature more than 16 international acts. Others include Marshall Jefferson live from Chicago, Jason Bye live from Ibiza, Rachel May, Groove Terminator and Mark James.

In addition to music and lodging, the ticket price (starting at $299) includes some other key accommodations — stocked mini bar with free daily refills, breakfasts every morning, and “sunset sessions” by the pool.

Note: Dancing is not permitted.

No dancing is permitted, but for what’s missing on the dance floor, we make up with VIP seating. Ovolo The Valley will be full of (social distanced) VIP seating for each attendee to enjoy the event in the various area of this whimsical oasis.

XR Events‘ Michael Watt said of the new experience, “We’re so proud to be able to have some of the biggest names in clubland contributing to our event.”

Live music — check
Stocked mini bar — check.
No-contact concept — check.

Experience the Remix Hotel here.


Source: Daily Mail

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