REPORT: Illegal Raves & Parties Identified As “Super-Spreaders” In COVID-19 Cases

Illegal raves and parties are on the rise in the UK amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown — and so is the virus itself. According to a new report, these “super-spreading” underground events have lead to a recent surge in coronavirus cases.

The Sun reports a 300 percent spike in new cases and an increase among ages 17 – 21. An investigation led by the publication could trace regional outbreaks back to illegal parties in Bristol, Manchester, Yorkshire, Norfolk and South Wales.

In one case, “an £1500 Airbnb mansion is feared to have caused a staggering 50 new infections in a single town.” Another, “attended by 500 in Hertfordshire had to be broken up by police days before cases in the area lurched up by 350 percent.”

The government is able to issue fines up to £10,000 for anyone organizing such events.

More info and stats below via The Sun —

BARNSLEY: Cases before rave: 17 a day / After rave: 31 a day / Percent rise: 82

BATH: Before rave: one / After rave: 10 / Percent rise: 900

BOREHAMWOOD: Before rave: 13 / After rave: 60 / Percent rise: 361

LEEDS: Before rave: 28 / After rave: 97 / Percent rise: 246

MIDLOTHIAN: Before rave: 0 / After rave: 54 / Percent rise: n/a

BANWEN: Before rave: 11 / After rave: 33 / Percent rise: 200


Source: The Sun

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