Robin Schulz Drops Dreamy Remix of David Guetta and Sia’s “Let’s Love” [Premiere] –

“Synthwave” may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to EDM superstar David Guetta, but that’s the idea behind his latest single with pop superstar Sia. “Let’s Love” has a distinctively 80s feel, characteristic of the enormous surge in synthwave’s popularity as of late. 

Now, prolific German producer Robin Schulz has been called to the plate for remix duties on “Let’s Love,” and his distinctive sound shines through with his vision of the track. Lending his unmistakable house sound to the single, Schulz maintains the nostalgic vibe of the original while pumping it full of dance floor grooves and plucked strings. Sia’s vocals remain as poignant as ever, generating a dreamy emotion within the single. 

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