Sonar RTU aquatic weed herbicide

Price: $107.00
(as of Nov 05,2020 21:34:49 UTC – Details)

Sonar ready-to-use RTU represents an exciting new era in pond weed management for the do-it-yourselfer the innovative new RTU formulation allows anyone to make water usable for recreation, bring fish populations back into balance and restore property values. We’re so sure that applications of sonar RTU conducted according to directions will control target aquatic vegetation listed on the label that we’ll work with you until you see the results you expect. There’s never been a better time to trust your lake or pond to sonar. Sonar RTU and duckweed many pond owners consider duckweed to be their toughest aquatic weed problem. Duckweed is a very comma on nuisance aquatic weed that is spread from pond to pond via waterfowl or other wildlife. While it is comma only mistaken for algae, duckweed is actually a tiny plant with an explosive reproductive capacity that can completely cover a pond in just a few weeks to the point that the infested waterbody resembles a golf-course green. Fortunately, no other aquatic herbicide is more effective on duckweed. Sonar provides complete, long-lasting control of duckweed and other stubborn unwanted aquatic vegetation.
Sonar RTU controls most troublesome pond weeds including duckweed
No mixing, no need for spray equipment or a boat-simply apply directly into the water from the shoreline
Sonar works by stopping photosynthesis, which robs target plants of their ability to make food