The Two Fake Blondes Release Uplifting New Single “Lifeline” in Support of National Suicide Prevention Day

Everyone’s favorite husband and wife duo is back with one of their very best songs! Plus, it’s all for a great cause. The Two Fake Blondes just dropped their latest track “Lifeline,” an uplifting and danceable house jam, to commemorate National Suicide Prevention Day.

The fun house duo have been on the rise this year with two previous tracks “Body” and “If You Really Love Me.” “Lifeline” has to be their finest production to date. The track opens up with a light synth in the background mixed with some snaps and light percussion. Hannah Mac’s vocals really shine through here, and you can feel the uplifting vibes of the track. The drop is some super fun piano house with some bubbly synths layered over it. This one will get you dancing. Here’s what the duo of Petey and Hannah Mac had to say about the inspiration behind “Lifeline.”

“We want this song to inspire people to call their friends and check on them. One conversation can save someone’s life. Check on your happy friends, check on your sad friends, check on your busy friends. Loneliness doesn’t have just one face.

‘Lifeline’ is an anthem of hope for those who are feeling alone and a very important reminder for all of us to check in on the people we love, no matter how busy our lives are.”

Check out the latest from the Two Fake Blondes, “Lifeline” out now.

If you or anyone you know needs help, check out National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s website for more resources.

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