These Bluetooth-Enabled Shoes Transform Your Music Into Bone-Rattling Bass Under Your Feet –

Contemplating whether or not to buy shoes that let you listen to beats with your feet may not have been a conundrum on music fans’ 2020 bingo card, but here we are.

Thanks to DropLabs‘ new EP 01 shoes, an entirely new way of experiencing music is afoot. In something plucked out of a Black Mirror episode, the EP 01s connect to your music via Bluetooth to provide a thumping sound system under your feet, redefining the term “surround sound.”

The phrase “sound system” is not an exaggeration since the shoes double as a legitimately powerful conduit of sound, able to be adjusted and amplified. Complete with tech specs, the sleek sneakers are controlled via the DropLabs mobile app, which acts as a controller to manipulate the numerous EQ settings and toggle between listening modes.

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