This Sample Library Gives Producers Access to Orchestral Instruments Used in “Mulan” Soundtrack –

Orchestral Tools is gearing up for the release of its new Sine library, “Phoenix Orchestra,” which will give producers access to samples used in the creation of the soundtrack of the forthcoming live-action Mulan film. The collection was developed hand-in-hand with prolific composers Harry Gregson-Williams and Richard Harvey, whose renowned compositions have appeared in works such as Shrek, The Da Vinci Code, and the Metal Gear Solid series.

Featured in the software are a number of traditional Chinese instruments such as the guzheng, zonghu, and erhu, among others. The audio was recorded in Thailand by the traditional Chinese ensemble, the Ding Yi Music Company. They’ve also provided instrument ensembles that feature multiple musicians layering sounds and instruments at once for a richer sound.

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