Tycho Finds Silver Lining Through Pandemic, California Wildfires [Interview] –

2020 has hardly provided an aura for meditation, yet the ever-reflective music producer Tycho insists this year offers creatives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow. In a chat with, he discussed how he’s managed to find a silver lining through the pandemic, tour cancellations, and even his home state being ravaged by wildfires.

Tycho is a San Francisco-based producer, composer, and songwriter. Known globally for his instrumental production style, his music features downtempo guitar, analogue synths, and a variety of sounds pulled from everyday life. He first appeared onto the scene in 2006 with Past Is Prologue, an album that featured him performing mostly solo in a studio. Nowadays, the two-time Grammy Award-nominee varies his Tycho performances as both a solo DJ act and live band—at least before the pandemic.

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