Watch Wooli Drop Mind-Melting Unreleased Subtronics Collab at Drive-In Rave –

Bass music titan Wooli threw down a rip-roaring dubstep set over the weekend at “Pavement Rave,” a drive-in concert series in Scranton, PA. During his set, he uncorked a mammoth collaboration with fellow dubstep maven Subtronics, dropping the curtain on a quirky dubstep bomb that rattled the home of Dunder Mifflin.

An eerie vocal refrain of “it’s all in your head” echoes throughout a monster build, which culminates in a dubstep drop of leviathan proportions. It features wacky, frenetic synths, which run roughshod through a thunderous bass and punchy drums. Wooli took to Twitter to retweet a video of the song and tease its impending release, writing, “Subtronics collab will only be finished if you clap loudly. The applause-o-meter is ready to hear how bad you want it.

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