WME, Paradigm, CAA, Madison House agents form Mint Talent Group

C.J. Strock, formerly of William Morris Endeavor, joins Patrick McAuliff and Phil Egenthal, formerly of Paradigm Talent Agency to form Mint Talent Group, a new agency formed during the COVID-era that brings together veteran agents from multiple major agencies. (Contrary to the press release that states it’s the first agency “formed during…”, agents from Paradigm launched TBA earlier this month.)

Founding agents include Mary Allen & Cassie Siegel, formerly of Madison House, Michael Morris & Ryan Owens (Paradigm), Peter Wiederlight (WME) and Logan Handelsman (CAA).

MINT is a booking agency and entertainment company, re-imagined with an artist-centric model that advocates career longevity,” the press release states.

Clients from the realm of dance music include Apashe, CloZee, LUZCID, Mersiv, Rome In Silver, Vanic, and more.

Peter Wiederlight, former head of EDM festival booking at WME and new head of festival booking at MINT, is looking forward to helping artists carve their own paths as headliners while putting a major focus on festivals and unique performance opportunities. “Heading up the festival business at a firm with the values of MINT allows me to spend an unprecedented amount of time on each client and really focus on the whole roster and every festival, big and small,” he says.

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