Your EDM Playlist: Task Horizon’s Got the Evolution Chamber Firing on All Cylinders

With the dearth of gigs as it has been this year, some D&B fans might think that artists are not listening to much music and definitely not planning sets but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything producers, just like fans, are listening to every track they can get their hands on, making playlists and planning sets. It keeps the creativity flowing for them while, of course, helping to stay positive and ready for the next gig, whenever it may come.

Task Horizon(TH) have just released a nutter of a new EP called Raised By Robots on their Evolution Chamber imprint and said EP is so heavy on the destructive dancefloor vibes. The melodic raviness of “Legacy,” the neuro madness of “Shrink Ray,” the hurricane synths of “Mindfragger” and the 80s sci fi vibes of “Drowning In Fire”; the whole EP already sounds like part of a sick set. That made us wonder what other chestnust TH are sitting on, what they’re hoarding for future sets and what kind of playlist gets them pumped. They definitely delivered.

This fast and furious playlist from the Swiss neuromancers is not only epically fun to listen to, but they’ve also given some insight on how they choose tracks for sets and what they think makes a stand-out track. Buckle up, the Evolution Chamber is definitely giving up the good today.

Task Horizon – Legacy

This Tune brings us back. An old school approach to D&B production with modern tools. It’s been many years since we made a tune around such a ravey Melody. Also we wanted the drums to sound similar to the amen break without actually using one. Playing it out on one of the few gigs we had this year, it created a unique vibe on the dancefloor which we haven’t experienced in a long time.

Magnetude – Trail of Tears

Our favorite producers in the game and we couldn’t be more proud to have them on our label Evolution Chamber. We might be biased but “Trail of Tears” is also the tune of the year for us. Words can not do this masterpiece justice.

Killbox – Epicentre

Absolute stinker of a tune! Definitely gonna stay in our set for some time. Really looking forward to seeing what else they have in store for the rest of their new album coming out on Ram Records this year.

Task Horizon – Shrink Ray

We love the futuristic and at the same time catchy vibes of this one. How the melody dances over the dystopian low end and minimalistic grooves. There are tons of love for details in it. The arrangement is also very unusual but still DJ-friendly. Gives a nice crowd reaction and is all in all our second favorite tune from the Raised By Robots EP.

Fourward – Deep Inside

We have always been a fan of Fourward and their work. This one gives a nice crowd reaction. The drop with the frenetic vocals is just perfect. Out on Elevate Records.

Task Horizon – We Are One
A personal favorite of ours that we released on Ram Records this year . This one went kinda under the radar, so if you haven’t heard this one go check it out.

Mefjus & Camo & Krooked – Kallisto

Masterpiece from an epic line up of producers. We love how this one feels unencumbered and effortless builds a bridge between dancefloor and sofa listening. We reach for this track to show to people we know that have never heard of D&B.

Magnetude – Falling

Jesus, we love this track so much. Such an honor to release this one on Evolution Chamber and been playing it out exclusively for over a year. Always a good crowd reaction, a great color in every set and fantastic to mix. Also it was fascinating to see how Rustam and James evolved the Tune from the first idea to the final masterpiece.

Ekwols – Runes
Loving the vibes of this tune. Ekwols shows us how to make uplifting D&B without sounding cheesy and predictable. He is definitely on our watch list since this one.

Task Horizon – Disintegrate

Rough, raw and heavy. Transforms beautiful faces into ugly faces and instantly gets our gun-fingers out! Released on the Hack The Planet EP earlier this year, we always come back to this one and use it to decimate dancefloors.

Raised By Robots is out now on Evolution Chamber on Beatport and Spotify exclusive. Stream or purchase now here. The EP will drop on all other platforms October 10.

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