Your EDM Premiere: The Prototypes – Paradise Ft. Elle Exxe (Mal Madson Remix)

Galvanized by a mysterious, yet limitless embrace of careful chord culmination from an unfamiliar name on a heavyweight label – Mal Madson? Who on earth is that? Upon first reaction, this remix of one of The Prototypes biggest tunes that shattered genre-boundaries internationally, on paper, shouldn’t need a remix. As we all know though, 2020 is the year of blindsided surprises, be it horrible, or absolutely amazing!

The tune ignites through a combination of wall-trembling drum beats paralleled with catchy vocal blips and vocal chants. The wall of sound is soon met with a melodic arpeggiating melody that teases listeners with what’s to come. Through a nostalgic touch and an anxiously-awaited buildup, listeners are soon hit by a paradise of sound – blasting them back to the early 2000’s but with a new, modern drop of pure energy. Boom!

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