Your EDM Premiere: Toronto Is Broken and Deuce & Charger Bring Some Rock to the Dancefloor With ‘Always In Motion’

Just when you think you know a certain artist or artists, they show exactly why D&B fans can and should always expect the unexpected. Such is the case with both Toronto Is Broken and Deuce & Charger. Both prominent dancefloor acts have started their own labels in the last year with the goal of releasing exactly what they want and it’s paid off in spades. In the case of Toronto Is Broken (TIB), he’s released increasingly interesting and complex work since he began his YANA imprint with artists like Richter, Aktiv and Nvrsoft and it seems his forthcoming album Clare will live up to that standard and beyond.

“Always In Motion” is the third teaser single from the album but it’s also a reprieve of the electric energy TIB and Deuce & Charger created together on their last collab track, “Pressure.” Fans shouldn’t expect the new track to be a copy of “Pressure,” however. While that was a classic and super-clean dancefloor banger, “Always In Motion” is much more experimental.

Both Toronto Is Broken and Deuce & Charger have dabbled in inserting rock vibes into their work before and TIB especially is a known metalhead. That rock side has historically shown itself more in terms of composition and vibe, however with “Always In Motion,” it’s right there in the listener’s face with the fast, furious guitars in the intro. They pair with the opening beat in an interesting way, sort of halting at every other kick. The effect is something similar to many metal intros (read: the  theme tune to Metalocalypse), but there’s also an industrial element to the synths brought in to marry the metal and D&B.

The very in-your-face intro also includes Becky of D&C’s vocals hitting right away and while they smooth out the rough edges of what is bound to be a cracking track, that intense energy never wanes throughout. As the first drop gets going, the guitars fade out and a fast, heavy dancefloor roller emerges with the intense synths taking over for the erstwhile guitars. You won’t miss them; there’s still lots going on and even with lots of beautiful melody provided by the synths and vox, that high energy metal sound is with this track until the very end.

Toronto Is Broken is keen to usher in a new era of sound for himself and his label with this new upcoming album and there’s nothing like a palette-cleansing metal mashup to show fans he means business. Similarly for Deuce & Charger, with this track they’ve shown great diversity of style. With always in motion, Toronto Is Broken and Deuce & Charger have proved that the dancefloor can sound like anything it wants, as long at it sounds like a heap of fun.

“Always In Motion” drops this Friday, October 2 and can be pre-ordered or pre-saved here.

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